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About Corps Consulaire en Suède CC

Corps Consulaire en Suéde CC was established in 1931 as a nonprofit association to serve the interests of the honorary consuls of foreign countries in Sweden. Soon local chapters were formed and in 2008 an organisation with three regional corps was formalised. Today the honorary consuls in Sweden are members of one of the following regional corps:

The Consular Corps of Stockholm CCSt
The Consular Corps of Southern Sweden CCSS

The Consular Corps of Western Sweden CCWS

Each supporting members in a similar fashion in the region.

The role of CC is to serve as an umbrella for the three regional corps and to represent the consuls in international consular contexts, to follow up on legal issues and conventions, to act as a knowledge and information channel , to attend to policy and ethical issues and to be the liaison between consuls and the Department of Foreign Affaires.

CC and the regional corps assist in the selection and recruitment of new honorary consuls at the request of embassies.

All three regional corps are represented on the Board of CC. The chairperson serves for one year and the chairpersonship rotates between the regional corps.


The regional corps have in total appr 300 members, of which appr 200 are in active service. The active consuls represent some 100 countries and serve with the 24 county capitals as their base. Consuls in Stockholm serve normally only if the represented country has their embassy outside Sweden.

Should additional information be sought it is recommended to visit the files ”Kontakta oss” or ”Kårerna” for names to contact.



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